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Online Keyword Research & Analysis is Crucial to Improve SEO

Effective keyword research and analysis is one of the most important steps of any campaign or strategy to improve search engine optimization. Online keyword research literally provides the foundation for the rest of your collective efforts.

Simply put, you cannot optimize your website and its content, effectively build anchor-text relevant incoming links, or advertise in the search engines without keyword research services.

What’s a Long Tail Keyword?

long tail keyword research servicesA long tail keyword is simply a phrase consisting of, generally speaking, three or more words, and long tail keyword research should be a specific point of emphasis for most locally-based small and medium sized businesses.

The rule of thumb is that the longer, and potentially more localized, a phrase is, the lower the competition will be as a result. Therefore, it’s exceedingly easier to get your website ranked for “baseball uniforms in Rockville MD” then it would be to get ranked for “baseball uniforms” or  “baseball”, for instance.

Additionally, long tail keyword research will provide your site with the most targeted phrases available to you.

In the above example, even if you should find your way to get ranked for such a popular term as “baseball”, if you’re selling baseball uniforms and somebody comes looking for news, scores or opinions, then that visitor is ultimately useless to you. Somebody searching for baseball uniforms for their team in Florida likely won’t be visiting your store in Rockville, Maryland either.

So long tail keyword research analysis will provide you with the most highly targeted and most easily attainable keyword phrases for your business.

Here at Washington DC SEO .net, we use a collection of high powered software tools to provide affordable keyword research services. Whether you need to refine your targeting, start from scratch, or even uncover an entirely new and unexplored target market or niche, we’ll have you covered.

Contact us via the form on the side of this page and we’ll show you how we can help you with effective and affordable long tail keyword research analysis, strategy and planning, and how that will make a real impact on your online results.

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